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Anal abscess is the result of an acute infection of a minor gland inside the anus due to bacteria. Although modern medicine recommends draining the abscess, surgery and taking synthetic drugs, there are natural remedies for anal abscess that you can consider beforehand. An anal abscess is an infection of the tissues lining the anal canal, forming an indentation in the anal wall. Once the infection has breached the anal sphincter, the ring of tissue that holds the anus shut when bowel movements are not passed, an anal fistula often develops. An anal abscess is a painful condition in which a collection of pus develops near the anus. Most anal abscesses are a result of infection from small anal glands. An abscess in the rectal region can be very painful, but the ways of perianal abscess treatment at home are simple and efficient. Follow through with a combination of multiple home remedies to cure the abscess, heal the anus, alleviate the pain and get away with the infection completely. So firstly, this article is part 1 of a 3-part series, which together give you the full instructions on how to heal a fistula or perianal abscess. So make sure you read each post to get the full instructions 1. Natural remedy for perianal abscess and fistula this post above 2.   on other hand, fistula is usually very difficult to cure with allopathic medicines. So, allopaths mostly opt for surgical excision of fistula namely fistulectomy.   anal fistula and anal abscess colorectal surgery services tv. Natural way to cure fistula in ano without surgery -american - duration 536. The chemicals present in onion possess antiseptic properties that cure the abscess by improving blood circulation in the affected area. An anal fistula is a superficial small infected channel originated from anal glands and developed between the end of the bowel, which is named the anal canal and the epidermis around the anus. Maybe the fistula itself doesnt harm, but it can cause extreme pain. Its a small passage which can even cause bleeding by passing stools, and also discharges pus anytime.

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