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  see your doctor to determine the cause of your tight sphincter muscles. If youve suffered from constipation or tight sphincter muscles for 2 weeks or longer, it may be due to a broader medical condition. Your doctor might be able to tell you whats making it difficult for you to relax your sphincter and what you may need to do in order to fix it. The sphincter is the ring of muscles in your anus and lower rectum. It controls the opening and closing of the anus to enable the passage of stool. The internal anal sphincter is an involuntary muscle, which means you cannot consciously control it. Similar to your beating heart and your diaphragm, this muscle does its job every second of the day without you having to think about its function. The internal sphincter is programmed to stay shut, which is why most adults do not leak stool while they sleep. Anal stenosis, also known as an anal stricture, is the narrowing of the anal canal, located just before the anal sphincter. What is the anal sphincter? The anal sphincter is a complex part of the body that maintains a seal that can be opened to discharge body waste.   re a tense anal sphincter - please help! Botox injection into the anal muscle i dont know where but a colorectal surgeon should know. Had it done last year and so far not completely back to normal but alot better than before like 60 better. And a tight sphincter can lead to pain and tearingwhich nobody wants. Use a condom you already know its important for safe sex, but its super important for anal. Tight anal sphincter muscle anal tumors or infections, rarely anal fissures are common and are often mistaken for hemorrhoids. They can cause pain during a bowel movement that lasts for up to a.

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