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An anal yeast infection occurs when there is an overgrowth in concentrations of candida in the anus. Read this article to learn more about the symptoms, causes, treatments, and risk factors. Oral contact with the anus can put both partners at risk for hepatitis, herpes, hpv, and other infections. An anal yeast infection is often characterized by persistent and intense anal itching. Your doctor will perform a quick physical exam to determine the cause, such as hemorrhoids or a yeast infection. Also known as anal sac impaction, anal sacculitis, anal sac abscess, impacted anal sacs, infection of the anal sac, abscessed anal sac transmission or cause the cause of anal sac disease is unknown. Smaller dog breeds, such as chihuahuas and poodles, are most often affected. Excessive anal gland production, soft feces or diarrhea, poor muscle tone, and obesity also. Can you have sex with a urinary tract infection? Sure but it may worsen your symptoms, cause your uti to last longer, and even spread the infection to your sexual partner. A urinary tract infection (uti) is one of the most common types of infections. An anal fistula is a small tunnel that develops between the end of the bowel and the skin near the anus (where poo leaves the body). Theyre usually the result of an infection near the anus causing a collection of pus in the nearby tissue. When the pus drains away, it can leave a small channel behind. The anal canal is the terminal segment of the large intestine between the rectum and anus, located below the level of the pelvic diaphragm. It is located within the anal triangle of perineum, between the right and left ischioanal fossa. As the final functional segment of the bowel, it functions to regulate release of excrement by two muscular sphincter complexes.

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