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An article devoted to caring for mollies in home fish tanks with opportunity to share own ideas or to ask questions. Berna768 at details on keeping siamese fighting fish with images and forums on 053107. The males have a modified anal fin known as a gonopodium which is used to inseminate the female while mating.   in this video, i will show you about 6 way to identify male and female molly fish 1. Body shape in general, females bodies are more round while the males are slender in shape 2. In the case of a male molly, it develops into a gonopodium and is used to transport milt (sperm) into the cloaca of. The male uses his modified anal fin (gonopodium) to inseminate the female (just like guppies and swordtails). Molly fish profile and care information such as tank size, tank mates, life span, diet,. The male has a pointy-shaped anal fin (gonopodium), whereas the female has a normal triangular set of anal fins. Molly babies i bought my two mollies and within 2 weeks she was putting on weight. Males will have a pointy anal fin, the so called gonopodium whereas the females will have a fanned out anal fin, thats how you can sex them. 5 gallon or larger (per pair, although not a malefemale pair otherwise this would be much too small due to the offspring this recommendation is for a pair from one sex). Male molly have a gonopodium, a long stick-like fin used to fertilize the female, on his lower half. Female molly have a softer, fan-shaped anal fin, which is also on the lower half of the body. The size of the anal fin in males is usually larger or longer in size than the females. Males anal fin of molly fish is modified into the tube-like shape which is called gonopodium through which they copulate with the female molly.   the mollies in the above mentioned photograph are marbled mollies that are female. As is seen in the photo below of a black molly that is male, male mollies have a modified anal fin called a gonopodium and also an enlarged dorsal fin.   note the shape of the anal fin, the one right next to where the fish eliminates its waste. On the male it is long and thin and is used much like the sex organ of a mammal to impregnate the female.

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