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If an hiv-negative person has insertive anal sex with an hiv-positive partner, rectal fluid containing hiv can come into contact with the urethra andor the penis foreskin. Both the urethra and foreskin are vulnerable to hiv infection. Rectal fluid may not be the only fluid involved in the risk of hiv transmission during this type of sex. My anus will secrete a clear thick fluid and it is not because i am having anal sex. Most of the time it happens when i am sexually aroused and i will feel it secrete. I have not had anal sex in about 3 years and every three months i have physical with labs and to-date have no problems. The consistency of the fluid ranges from thin, watery secretions to thick, gritty paste. The inability to effectively express this fluid can lead to anal sacculitis. This is characterized by a build-up of fluid in the anal sac, an uncomfortable condition that can lead to pain and itching. Anal warts are irregular, verrucous lesions caused by human papilloma virus. Anal warts are usually transmitted by unprotected, anoreceptive intercourse. Anal warts may be asymptomatic, or may cause rectal discharge, anal wetness, rectal bleeding, and pruritus ani. Lesions can also occur within the anal canal, where they are more likely to create symptoms. Rectal fluid has implications for hiv transmission through anal sex when the hiv-negative person is the insertive partner (that is, inserts their penis into a partners anus). A watery anal fluid that causes unbelievable irritating itching. I went to my np at my doctors office recently and she put me on probiotics--which seems to help. She wants me on the more expensive ones you get at the specialty vitamin stores--that normally are refrigerated. It can be very concerning to look over and notice that your male dog is leaking brown fluid. The anal gland is responsible for giving your dog a unique scent, which is why you will see a dog smell another dog around the behind when they meet. Because it is smaller than some of the more traditional anal toys,. Emissions of semen (sex, masturbation and wet dreams) & menstruation.

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